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How will the Denver Golf CyberExpo boost your sales?

Golf Expo Customers

  • Denver Golf Expo Email Marketing to over 26,000+ qualified golf expo consumers
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social campaigns overall reach-65,000+

DGE Partners Support through Digital Media and Print Campaigns:

  • CGA distribution channels of 60,000+
  • PGA Colorado Section will be featuring key PGA Pros for instruction videos and webinars
  • Divot Magazine to 75,000+ circulation print and digital
  • Colorado AVIDGolfer Magazine print 48,000 plus 38,000 digital circulation
  • Colorado Golfer News 10,000+

Email Distribution

  • 75,000 Divot Magazine Email Campaign
  • 65,000 Colorado Golf Association Email Newsletter List
  • 35,000 Colorado AvidGolfer Magazine Email Distribution

Advertising and Media Files

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Link & Video Ads
  • Google text ads
  • 900,000 geo-targeted desktop and mobile digital impressions
  • 100,000 geo-targeted desktop and mobile video impressions
  • High-frequency TV commercial schedule on the Golf Channel

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